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The Clock Strikes Midnight

The warmest room in the apartment is the bathroom, so that's where I am currently camped out, sitting in front of the heater as I try to warm my icicle feet. I get this feeling at the start of each year which is that I've forgotten to write down so many events that happened during the year we've just left behind. I haven't written about trips in the summer and the fall, about all the thoughts that have been swimming in my head, or about the daily events which define so much of my days. I always have the best intentions to sit down at the end of the day and record what's been going on with my life. I have been a long time journal keeper and continue to write with pen and paper when I feel able to. Now as I've gotten older, I sometimes stop and wonder what moments I've missed. What haven't I been able to record and therefore have forgotten. And is there anything wrong with forgetting? What is this obsession we have with remembering everything and where did it come from?

The start of a new year is a time of reflection for me. Where I take moments to reflex on where I've been these past 365 days and where I want to see myself a year from now. I am not one to write resolutions, instead I like to write goals or areas of focus. The difference to me is that I want to focus on making life long change and using my energy positively instead of putting everything I have into a resolution that will be forgotten three months down the line. And maybe they're exactly the same and it's only the word I use to describe the thing that's different, but to me, picking a few things to focus on this year and the years to come is better than setting a resolution that takes effect on January 1st. These are things I'll hopefully be doing for years to come but that I better start doing now or I might never start.

Here's my list for 2017.
If I say it out loud into the ether, then I'll be more likely to accomplish it, right?

1. Laugh more. Proper 'I can't breathe,' side hurting laughter.

2. Be better about telling/showing the people I love that I love them with all my heart, care for them, and am there for them while I still can. Make a point to show them this love in the good and bad times.

3. Do something healthy each day for my body. Be better about taking care of myself: physically, mentally, emotionally.

4. Find a new job that fulfills me. Or maybe make a job that fulfills me? Something that pays me that I enjoy doing.

5. Don't be afraid to speak my mind.

6. Make the time to read more this year. Especially books written by women, feminist literature, and non-fiction books. Is this the year I successfully read 50 books?

7. Stop wishing away the time.

8. Create at least two new pieces of original material this year. Be it a new script, starting on that novel, video series, etc. 

9. Make the time every day to write and create. Even if it's only 30 minutes.

10. Journal more. Document those small moments and the big. Record the things that are making me happy.

11. Build a creative space of my own

12. Travel to a new place every month - local or abroad.

13. Wear my night guard. Like actually do it. It's important even if it's not sexy. But not grinding my teeth is sexy.

14. Be okay with being me.

Fields of Poppies

Fields of Poppies

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