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Things I've Been Enjoying Lately

From an early spring morning walk. 

From an early spring morning walk. 

The number of draft emails filled with links and lists of interesting things I find around the internet or items I wish to someday buy (but probably never will) grows instrumentally during the week. Emails addressed to myself that go no where except gather invisible dust. Here's my first list of "things I've been enjoying lately." With time I see this segment expanding into themed posts and for it to focus on things or ideas that inspired me during the week or brought joy. I hope you enjoy. Let me know what you've been enjoying this week. 

  • "The What's Underneath Project" on stylelikeu

    I find the nature of the interviews so refreshing, honest, and don't shy away from talking about tough issues. I have certainly felt insecure about the way I feel (something I still feel after battling with it since I was a teenager) and the way I present myself, and worried about how others perceive me. So far I have watched Charlie Howard's and Olivia Campbell's interviews, and I've loved them both. I actually stopped what I was doing and just listened, which is saying something when the rest of the world keeps beeping for my attention. There are almost 100 videos. If you have 10 minutes to spare, I highly recommend taking a look.
  • Toast's autumn collection

    The dresses in particular are my favorite. Deep earthy tones that are perfect for frolicking in fields and dressing in layers, complete with tights, socks, boots, sweaters, scarves, jackets, hats. Can you tell I'm longing for this Indian Summer weather to disappear and for a chance to break out my sweater collection again. I missed visiting the Toast store when I was in Cambridge a couple months ago. If I had, I probably would've tried to walk off with the store's content.
  • Ralph Steadman's Fahrenheit 451 Illustrations 

    I first read Fahrenheit 451 when I was in high school. I often think of Bradbury writing the novel in the library's basement when I too find myself in the stacks of the local libraries. Ralph Steadman's images capture the imagery of the book, while taking it one step further and illustrating the feeling of the book. These images Steadman's illustrations remind me of Salvador Dalí's illustrations for Alice in Wonderland - which also draw the eye into each painting through the use of color and lines. I plan to seek out more of Steadman's artwork. If you're interested, also take a look at Ralph Steadman's Alice in Wonderland illustrations. 
  • Pottery

    This is a broad one. Since I returned from London, I've been thinking about the mugs I used in Brixton. I almost bought a set but instead went for a tiny teapot for my desk, which I almost walked away from and am so glad I was convinced to get it. The mugs were simple: a oatmeal colored body with a brown kettle bottom and a good sized handle. I've since discovered independent pottery studios that are making unique and beautiful pieces that will be in style for a very long time. I'm not a huge fan of having matching items in my house, but instead going for timeless pieces that compliment the items I already own. This mug has also inspired me to take up pottery classes... more on that when I find a studio.

    A few of my favorites so far - this list will keep growing:

Kabinshop  |  Dorotea  |   Object and Totem  |  Leif  |  Hana Hybs  |  ar.ceramics

Have a lovely week. Take a moment to find the things that bring you joy this week. Sometimes it's as simple as watching the snails go to and from work each morning. Life in the garden can be very stressful at times.

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