Based in Los Angeles, December Tea is a blog by Lauren Bailey. Her posts explore the world around her, through words, pictures, and constant cups of tea.

December Tea

What is December Tea?

It's the smell of autumn on the horizon, as the first cool breeze wipes through your hair and the hope of breaking out those scarves, no matter how small, is beginning to creep in. It's that first cup of holiday blend tea. The one that smells like cinnamon and cloves and winter. It's the feeling you get when the most perfect leaf falls at your feet during an early morning walk; and how sometimes you need to talk to flowers for a couple minutes before continuing on your way. It's about feeling lost and found all at the same time, yet still having trouble deciding what you want for breakfast. Perhaps most importantly, it's about discovery. Discovering who I am at this stage in my life, who I want to be, and building a future that is full of wonder, and hopefully, plenty of crazy, excellent stories.

December tea came to me last winter as I sat in my florescent office, staring blankly ahead wondering if I was ever going to get away from this job, if I was ever going to have time to create again, or if I could ever get back to feeling like me. It's a space for all the things I love to come together, along with ramblings, from time to time. It will encompass tea breaks, gardens, books, long walks, late night chats over a bottle of wine, or whiskey; oxford shoes, old things, adventures, and so much more. It encompasses that feeling of wanting to start afresh, but not liking to write on the first page of a notebook, and desiring to start in the middle. After a few false starts, this is my middle. I fully expect this space to change and evolve as I find my feet again; and I hope you'll join me on this adventure. Wherever it shall lead.


The Balance of it All